Exposed Doujinshi No Kuni – Kino No Tabi

Exposed Doujinshi No Kuni - Kino No Tabi

He wanted to feel his brothers stiffness against his own, then it was happening, his beautiful big brothers hand was working it’s way under the duvet, Could this be for real?, was his dreams going to come true, he lay there his cock harder than at any time he could ever remember before?. He so wanted to reach out and touch his brothers face, his hair, he wanted to taste those lips on his own, he wanted to touch his brothers cock, feel his warmth, his desire of so many wanks over the years, but he was fighting his climax, he wanted this pleasure to last as long as possible.

Hentai: (C93) [HAMMER_HEAD (Makabe Gorou)] Doujinshi no Kuni (Kino no Tabi)

Doujinshi no Kuni 1Doujinshi no Kuni 2Doujinshi no Kuni 3Doujinshi no Kuni 4Doujinshi no Kuni 5Doujinshi no Kuni 6Doujinshi no Kuni 7Doujinshi no Kuni 8Doujinshi no Kuni 9Doujinshi no Kuni 10Doujinshi no Kuni 11Doujinshi no Kuni 12Doujinshi no Kuni 13Doujinshi no Kuni 14Doujinshi no Kuni 15Doujinshi no Kuni 16Doujinshi no Kuni 17Doujinshi no Kuni 18Doujinshi no Kuni 19Doujinshi no Kuni 20Doujinshi no Kuni 21Doujinshi no Kuni 22Doujinshi no Kuni 23Doujinshi no Kuni 24Doujinshi no Kuni 25Doujinshi no Kuni 26

(C93) [HAMMER_HEAD (真壁吾郎)]同人誌の国(キノの旅)

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